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What's Included

Enjoy your own exotic and erotic universe caressed by the sparkling, turquoise Caribbean waters of Desire Resort & Spa.

As part of the discerning clientele at Desire Cancun, you will learn that the exciting new world you have joined, is a fascinating, secluded place to experience clothing-optional and alternative lifestyle adventures, set in an exclusive - ALL INCLUSIVE - tropical paradise.

At Desire Resort & Spa everything is included, except inhibitions. As our guest we are offering you:



El Arrecife
El Arrecife Desire Resort Riviera MayaEl Arrecife is an exciting restaurant of a contemporary décor where seductive music is played, varying with the different, special theme of the night. El Arrecife is open everyday offering sumptuous breakfast buffets from 7:00 am until 11:00 am.
The Buffet of El Arrecife has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular choice for our guests at Desire couples only resort. In the morning, you can serve yourself the most delicious breakfast from different options, ranging from hot items, a fruit bar, bread loafs, sweet rolls and the sweetest dessert station.
Enjoy our all-inclusive for couples only and discover this cafeteria-style buffet while you put your plate together with the most amazing culinary creations, being tempted in every moment by the aspect of the succulent dishes carefully displayed.
And rest assured that our waiters will be taking care of you. Feel free to order your favorite drink and anything you might need with them. Have a delicious juice or if you prefer a fancy mimosa and the personal attention that gives our buffet a high-end touch, complementing this seductive vacation in the Riviera Maya.
At night, it becomes a restaurant concepts centered around a buffet theme from 6:30 pm until 10:00 pm and features different artists that will be playing live music such as a Sax player and Flamenco performers, so that every bite can turn into a delightful experience.
Dinner: Sumptuous buffet.
Dress Code: Casual
Reservations not required.
Sunday - Steak Night. Try our prime meat cuts such as Rib Eye, New York steaks, Tenderloin, Flank Steak, Pork Chops and Chicken prepared in any specific way you like.
Monday - Mexican Buffet. Let us delight your palate with these tantalizing dishes that invite you to discover the flavors of Mexico. Of course, it will be the night to enjoy our spicy salsas.
Tuesday - Brazilian Buffet. Desire Cancun has prepared a delicious party with Brazilian dishes that are famous in the world.
Wednesday - Aphrodisiac Buffet. The perfect fusion of the most passion-provoking foods.
Thursday - Gala Buffet. Live all the glamor of our all inclusive resort wearing your best clothes for this culinary feast. A sophisticated range of the finest dishes from our chef will delight your senses.
Friday - Italian Buffet . The perfect variety of the best traditional Italian dishes.
Saturday - A deep appreciation for international cuisine has inspired our Chef, to create authentic delicacies that will give you a delicious dinner experience.

Sahlo Desire Resort Riviera MayaWelcome to the aphrodisiac-gourmet restaurant of Desire, Sahló. The perfect place where our paradise for couples only concept is appreciated in every corner, the place where you will not only enjoy the most fascinating specialties, but also experience the real taste of seduction the moment you walk in.
Provided with unique details such as a suggestive array of images, statues of women silhouettes and elegant masks, Sahló becomes a promise of moments filled with mystery and eroticism. Feel the sensual touch of our luxury hotel for adults at Sahló as you discover its fervid décor designed with all your senses in mind: a venue that stimulates your eyes, soothes your ears, enlivens your tastebuds, pleases your nose and carresses your skin.
The erotic atmosphere of Sahló is the ideal frame for you to discover our unique culinary creations that will please your palate and senses while it adds more allurement to your seductive vacation in the Riviera Maya.
The question you might be asking yourself… Do aphrodisiacs really work? You just have to come to our couples only sanctuary, experience Sahló with your lover and find out as you sample these aphrodisiac international cuisines specialties.
All you have heard about the aphrodisiac powers of oysters, champagne and chocolate come real at Sahló. Have you ever tried salmon with avocado and oysters all together? That's right, as part of our all-inclusive for couples only, invigorating ingredients like chocolate, oysters, chilli, fruit and avocado have been included in our menu to offer you the most sensual, exotic combinations so that you will be tempted by all our unique recipes.
Then, erotic, from their contrasting tastes, shapes and aromas, Sahló's specialties will induce the most irresistible sensations of pleasure and keep the spark alive so that you can take the night to another lever with your lover, later on at our Melange Bar, Sin Room or if you prefer in the privacy of your suite.
Sahló is open from 6:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Although Desire is a clothing optional resort, this restaurant has a sensual-elegant dress code.

Suki Desire Resort Riviera MayaSuki is a luxurious journey into Asian cusine and fashion. Inviting shades of red, white and dark chocolate contrast with the padded wall that offers white lights while an original ceiling, shaped as a wave, adds to the sophisticated décor providing the perfect setting for a stylish dinner.
Suki restaurant also serves you high quality wine and of course, the traditional liquor "Sake" Plum Dew for an authentic Asian flavoring.
Dinner: 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Dress Code: Elegant
Reservation required only for Tepanyaki.

Tentazione Desire Resort Riviera MayaEnjoy a full lunch menu including salads, ceviches and top notch entrees with the quality, portions and presentation reminiscent of Desire's three specialty restaurants. This casual, central location near the main pool is ideal for those wanting to see and be seen. Also open for dinner on selected nights.
Lunch and Snacks: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
* The operation days will vary according to the weather conditions.

Room Service
Enjoy Desire's deliciously complete room service menus from the privacy of your own room 24 hours a day. Snuggle up for breakfast in bed, have a leisurely lunch in the late afternoon or simply plan for a romantic night in with your favorite guest. (additional charge may apply)
Jacuzzi Suite and Passion Suite guest have 24 hours room service included.

Romantic Dinner by the Sea
Make your reservations for a superb gourmet candlelight dinner served on the beach under our palapa. Enjoy the sounds of the surf and see the stars during this memorable experience. (additional charge may apply)


Bars & Lounges

Beach Bar
Beach Bar Desire Resort Riviera MayaLocated right on the beach, just in the mid-way between our cozy beach beds, this bar can offer you the concoction of your choice without having to leave the beach thanks to our friendly waiter service.
Water, lemonade, soft drinks, beer, margaritas, daiquiris or any other cocktail you can dream of are exceptionally prepared by our amazing bartender for your delight at the bar located on the white, powdery sand beach.
Open according to the season, this bar is the perfect place to enjoy your vacation to the fullest while enjoying the light and open-minded environment of our clothing optional resort.
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Sahló Cocktail Bar
Sahlo Cocktail Bar Desire Resort Riviera MayaLet us welcome you to the ultimate paradise for couples only experience with a glass of your favorite liqueur and feel the sensual touch of our clothing optional resort at Sahló Cocktail Bar in every sip.
Part of the entrance of our Sahló restaurant, and our all-inclusive program for adults, this bar features the same sensual decoration as the restaurant, with unique details such as a suggestive array of images, statues of women silhouettes and elegant masks, becoming a promise of moments filled with mystery and eroticism.
Designed with all your senses in mind, this is a venue that stimulates your eyes, soothes your ears, enlivens your tastebuds, pleases your nose and carresses your skin, making it a seductive spot for a pre-dinner drink. The perfect space for you and your companion to converse, sip a premium-liquor cocktail and meet with other guests.
The erotic atmosphere of Sahló Cocktail Bar is the perfect prelude for you to discover our unique culinary creations that will please your palate and senses while it adds more allurement to your seductive vacation in the Riviera Maya.
This sophisticated, yet relaxing ambience will make you feel more loosen up and get you ready for the fascinating aphrodisiac specialties of the restaurant and get you in the best mood to continue enjoying what our couples only resort in Mexico has stored for you.
This bar is not a clothing optional area. It has a casual-elegant dress code and opens from 6:30 pm until 10:00 pm.
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Melange Bar
Melange Lobby Bar Desire Resort Riviera MayaThis is the place where guests can meet in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyday, the Melange Bar is witness to friends getting together, flirtatious encounters and lingering romantic moments. Guests come to this location in search of the greatest sensual adventure of their lives.
At night, the Melange Bar turns into a seductive, open-air lounge where you will find great music or even come across with sexy live performances, such as the Lingerie Fashion show.
24 hour bar service & late night snacks. A selection of pizzas and baguettes can be enjoyed from 11:00 PM - 4:00 AM.
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Nude Jacuzzi Lounge Bar
Nude Jacuzzi Bar Desire Resort Riviera MayaThe notorious roof-top clothing-optional Jacuzzi Lounge & Bar features a 30-person hot tub finished in Venetian Tile with colors ranging from the bright blue-greens of the Caribbean Sea to the earth-tone beiges of the Mayan Jungle.
A circular, tempered crystal "see-and-be-seen" open air shower adjoins the Jacuzzi, offering a 360° view of the Lounge and the stunning vistas stretching from the turquoise sea to the lush surrounding jungle.
Open from 1:00 PM - 3:00 AM.
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Tentazione Bar
Tentazione Bar Desire Resort Riviera MayaIt's the perfect place to watch and be watched while lying down and sipping the drink of your choice with the pool and beach vista.
This bar is open-air and sheltered by the amazing palapa. Chairs are rattan-like and seem to merge with the amazing beach faced by the bar.
Every day, this perfect people-watching spot opens from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM for those who want a drink while enjoying their desired vacations, having exciting activities or just chilling in the sun.
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Y Night Club and Sin Room
Y Night Club Desire Resort Riviera MayaThe pulsating heart of the Desire Resort & Spa, "Y" Night Club is a place of throbbing beats, hot bodies and exciting music. Here, couples arrive as strangers and leave as friends.
This is the place where you can dance or enjoy pole dance choreography. Wear your most sensual attire according to the ever-changing evening's theme and leave everyone astonished by your sexy looks!
And in the privacy of the couples-only Sin Room, passion truly rules the night. This room is exclusive for guests, because only guests know what happens inside. Decorated in beige, the Sin Room offers enticing round beds, as the place where the wildest part of your vacation happens.
Sin Room Desire Resort Riviera Maya"Y" Night Club and Sin Room is open from 10:00 PM until 2:00 AM. Its days of operation vary by season, so feel free to ask our staff about its schedule for your visit.
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